Acidente em Sunset

Peruano renovado

Surfista peruano Tomy Dragich apresenta melhora em hospital depois do grave acidente em Sunset Beach.

Depois do perrengue em Sunset, Tomy Dragich encontra-se em estado estável em hospital havaiano.

O peruano Tomy Dragich foi internado em estado crítico depois de ser atingido na cabeça pela própria prancha no último sábado (29) em Sunset Beach, Havaí.

No último domingo (1º), o conhecido surfista de seu país já encontrava-se em condições estáveis e está em plena recuperação em um hospital do arquipélago.

Em uma sessão marcada pelos fortes ventos, Tomy perdeu os sentidos ao desistir de uma onda e colidir com a própria prancha.

O surfista foi prontamente resgatado por big riders como os brasileiros Everaldo “Pato” Teixeira, Silvia Nabuco e Raquel Heckert, que também encaravam as ondas pesadas do pico.

Momento do acidente:

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Our prayers are strong to Tomy Dragich @tomydw1 for a fast recovery after his accident surfing Sunset Beach. Surfing accident at Sunset Beach yesterday shows the importance of wearing floatation vests. A Peruvian surfer wiped out and hit his head on his own board because of the strong wind. Surfer @patoteixeira who was already coming down on the same wave, saw him wiping out very close to him and couldn’t continue on the wave. Immediately after surfacing, Pato noticed the guy was unconscious and rescued him. @thiago_okazuka_photography who was watching everything happening from his drone, yelled at #Lifeguard Tamayo Perry @oahusurfingexperience right away who jumped in and went for the rescue. @silnabuco and @raquelheckert_ were very close to the scene and helped right away. They resuscitated him on the beach. He was in critical condition until last night. Apparently today he is in a safer state but still in the hospital. After loosing consciousness, the Peruvian surfer was caught by other two waves but Pato was holding him the whole time. If it wasn’t for the floatation vest, he would probably have lost him. Sunset is a very strong wave, specially on Big days like yesterday. Congrats to all the surfers and lifeguards @hawaiianlifeguardassociation and @northshorelifeguardassociation Video @thiago_okazuka_photography Photos @surfshooterhawaii

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